Step 4: Connect Your Channels and map your rooms


Now that you've set up your room types, rates and availability in myallocator, it's time to activate and map your channel connections.

As a reminder, this step will setup your active channel connections and connect them to myallocator. If you have not set up a particular channel yet, you will need to create and setup an account with them first.

Things to keep in mind:


  • If  you have not set up with a particular channel yet, you will need to create your account with them before you try to connect them to myallocator.
  • Be sure you have setup your rates and availability in your PMS (if applicable) or in myallocator before starting this step. The channel setup will not allow connections if this configuration is not ready.
  • You can check in advance the channel connection guide by researching in our channel setup knowledge base.

Channel Connection

  1. Open the 'Manage' tab in your myallocator account
  2. Click on 'Channels'
  1. Click on 'Add Channel'
  1. In the available list, find the channel to be connected and click on 'Not setup'

Let's use as an example:

  1. Follow the channel setup instructions displayed on the page

Some channels simply require a username or Hotel ID and Password as shown below - each channel works differently.

Some other channels, require different steps before mapping (, Expedia, Hotelbeds, etc). The instructions to activate the connection to each channel will be displayed once you click on the 'Not setup' button. See as an example:

You can also check this page How to connect (setup) your channels with myallocator to find each channel connection guide before starting the mapping process.

  1. Map your rooms following the instructions below:

Once connected to the channel account, myallocator will pull the room types that you have already created on that channel. This allows you to map those room types to the ones you already configured in myalloctor in Step 2: Setting up Rooms.


  • Read our Room Mapping Guidelines for an overview on how room mapping works and what methods we recommend. This is a must-read in order to get a good understanding of how to best synchronize your channels.
  • Mapping the same channel room type to multiple or different myallocator room type is not recommended.
  • In case you accidentally map one room type to multiple room types in myallocator, a warning window will pop up when you click on 'Next' to alert you.
  • Incorrect room mapping will lead you to a higher risk of overbookings and scrambled reservations.

In order to map the rooms, select the corresponding channel room types in the drop-down menu.

  1. If presented with a Rate Selection screen, choose the 'Default' Rate Plan

Since myallocator can only control one Rate Plan, we always recommend that you select the 'Default' or 'Standard' Rate Plan on this screen. The Default Rate is always the first (top) rate presented.

Once chosen, we will control Rates for this rate plan only - any other Rate Plans must be setup to be derived from the Default Rate in the channel's extranet.

  1. Enter a Base Rate Adjustment (if desired)
  • In most cases, this field can be left blank (it is not mandatory). Usually, properties set up a base rate adjustment for specific channels to compensate their commission fees or taxes and also to offer lower rates for direct reservations. This amount will be added or decreased from the rates you set up in myallocator.
  • If you need assistance in determining the values to enter for Net rates versus Sell rates for Tax purposes, please see this article:  How should I handle taxes in myallocator?
  1. If presented, choose the channel-specific option and make the appropriate selections. Below you can find Expedia as an example

Some channels will present various specific options, such as:

  • Currency
  • Pricing Model
  • Contract selection, etc
  1. The Channel setup is complete! On the last screen you can also review the features supported by the channel.

On your channel summary page you’ll be able to see that setup for the channel has been completed successfully.

Send a Full Refresh

This will override any rates and availability that were configured in the channel before myallocator connection. Be sure to take this action once you have taken into account the availability of this channel to your inventory in myallocator.

  1. Go to the 'Availability' screen
  2. Click on 'Save
  3. Select the option 'save to myallocator and all channels'
  4. Click on 'Send' to push all the rates and availability you set in Step 3 to your newly connected channel

The channel set up is complete! Double-check your channel extranet to make sure the rates and availability match your myallocator account.

Now, you are ready to proceed to Step 5: Activate Automatic Settings

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