How to connect Tripadvisor Plus and Instant Booking to myallocator


In this article you will find instructions on how to connect Tripadvisor Plus and Instant Booking, meaning you are allowing Tripadvisor to take bookings for your property through their website.

Tripadvisor Plus is a new feature within Tripadvisor Instant Booking service. Click here to learn more on how Tripadvisor Plus works

If you are looking to activate Cost Per Click, where Tripadvisor directs traffic to your website to complete the booking, please click here.

  • Hostels are currently ineligible for Plus and Instant Booking campaigns;
  • The Instant Booking feature is only available to guests placing the booking from the USA, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, India, Ireland, Malaysia, New Zealand Philippines, Singapore, and South Africa. Travelers in other countries will not see the Instant Booking option;
  • Tripadvisor Plus is only available for the travelers based in the US.
  • Instant Booking and Plus campaign can be used simultaneously.

Connection Guide

Tripadvisor Plus/Instant Booking is an easy-to-activate channel, but it works slightly differently than other channels. Tripadvisor uses all settings in myallocator to update your information on Tripadvisor's website. This means you need to double-check all of your settings and property information in myallocator for accuracy, but it also means NO ROOM MAPPING and no settings mismatch headaches. For more information on Tripadvisor Instant Booking, click here.

Step 1: Getting Started
If you do not have an account with Tripadvisor Plus

Tripadvisor Plus is primarily used by existing Tripadvisor property users. If you do not have an account with Tripadvisor and are interested about Tripadvisor Plus you can follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Management center
  2. Click on Learn More under TRIPADVISOR PLUS
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  1. And click Apply Now
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Or you can reach out to Tripadvisor team: via e-mail.

If you already have an account with Tripadvisor Instant Booking/Tripadvisor Plus

If you are in contact with your Tripadvisor Account Manager and have signed the agreement, please go to Step 2.

Step 2:  Verify Property Information

1. Log in to your myallocator account and go to Manage > General Details.

2. Make sure your address, phone number, and tax percentage are up to date.

  • The Tax Rate entered on this screen MUST MATCH the Tax Rate entered in Step 7.9 below
  • Only tax as percentage is supported. Per guest fixed amount taxes aren't possible.
Step 3:  Credit Card Password

Next, verify that you have a password to view the credit card details set up inside myallocator. If you need help setting up your credit card password, click here.

Step 4:  Room Setup

Verify your Room Type configuration on myallocator and make sure to add images of each room type which are required for Tripadvisor Plus/Instant Booking.

1.  Go to Room Types

2.  Select the room type

3.  Click Choose Files to upload an image from your computer, then click UPDATE

Step 5:  Activate Tripadvisor Plus/Instant Booking in Channel Setup
  1. Go to Channels 
  2. Click ADD CHANNEL
  1. Search and select Tripadvisor Plus/Instant Booking Not Setup
  1. If you are missing any information, click to Resolve, and you will be directed to the appropriate screen to enter the missing information:
  1. Once all property information is entered, you will receive the message in green below and may continue.
  2. Select On to enable Tripadvisor Plus/Instant Bookings
  3. Enter your Tripadvisor ID
  1. Pay attention to the option Taxes, tick the box if the taxes are excluded from room rates.
  2. Set your Cancellation Policy and make sure it matches your policy text later.
  1. Enter your Base Rate Adjustment (if desired). Please click here to learn more about Base Rate Adjustment.
  1. Fill in your Policies
  • Note: It is imperative that the text you put in these boxes does not contradict the policy selected previously. Having a cancellation policy that doesn't match your earlier selection will cause confusion for potential guests and create discrepancies in bookings.
  • All policies must be filled out to prevent future issues
  1. After filling in your policies, double-check to make sure all the information entered is correct before clicking SAVE.
Manage - TripAdvisor Instant Booking - Settings -
Step 6:  Wait 48 hours

Important:  You must wait 48 hours before proceeding to step 7.

Step 7:  Choose Cloudbeds' myallocator as your Connectivity Partner
  1. Go to the Management center and Sign in
  2. Select the property you want to set up
  3. Click on Drive booking and choose the campaign: Plus or Instant Booking
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  1. Under Connectivity Partner, choose Cloudbeds' Myallocator
  2. Click Get Started
  1. Verify your property and click Correct
  1. Verify the dates, rates and rooms and click Correct

Note: If this information does not match, please make sure you have waited 48 hours as mentioned in Step 6. If you have waited 48 hours and the information still does not match, please contact myallocator support at or submit a ticket at

  1. Read through the Tax options very carefully, and select the proper option based on your rates and taxes
  2. Click Continue

Congratulations! Tripadvisor Plus/Instant Booking is now set up.

Step 8:  Wait another 24 hours

Within the next 24 hours, travelers will be able to instantly book rooms at your property on Tripadvisor.

When active, your Instant Booking/Tripadvisor Plus option will display a View deal button, and guests will be presented with the option of paying for the booking directly within Tripavisor, as shown below.

Verifying if Tripadvisor Instant Booking is set up properly

Shopping your property as a guest does not determine if Instant Booking is enabled.  

  • Please note that Instant Booking is only available to guests with an IP address from certain countries:
    • At this time those countries are the USA, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, India, Ireland, Malaysia, New Zealand Philippines, Singapore, and South Africa.

To verify Instant Booking is set up properly, please consult this article:  How to verify if Tripadvisor Instant Booking is set up properly

How guests book with Tripadvisor Plus

The guests will see the Book with Tripadvisor Plus button and the bonuses they get if they use this deal above the button. They also see more deals below the button.

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Exploring the Dashboard

Explore the Dashboard to learn how you can track your performance. Go to the Management Center and click on Manage Campaign for Plus to check it.

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After activating Tripadvisor Instant Booking, there is no "View Deal" button

There are 2 possibilities:

  1. The booking requirements are not met. Please check this section: How guests book with Tripadvisor Instant Booking
  1. If you only sell (or have available) dorm beds, the Booking button will not be available to guests. This is because Tripadvisor's default search option is always for "1 Room, 2 Adults". Since a dorm bed only allows 1 person, the available beds do not show up in the first search that a guest performs.

    The guest can, of course, change the search to "1 Room, 1 Adult".  But by that time, the window for Instant booking has already passed.

    In short, dorm beds do not appear in the search options for Tripadvisor Instant Booking.
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