Setup FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)


Our most frequently asked questions about the setup process are answered below.

How do I setup my account?

Please visit our Setup Guide that will walk you through all of the steps:  Start Here: Setup Guide

How do I import Availability and Rates from my channels into myallocator?

It's important to remember that myallocator sets your Availability and Rates on your channels - it does not receive them.

Because of this, you must insert your actual/correct Availability and Rates into myallocator manually. Please check the following article: Step 3:  Setting Rates & Availability

I just setup a channel, but my existing bookings are not in myallocator - why?

Channels only send myallocator new bookings that were placed after the connection was made.

Prior and future bookings must be accounted for manually:  Accounting for your future bookings when preparing your Availability counts

How do I setup my Property Management System?

If you use a PMS (such as Loventis, Bananadesk, Checkfront, Resnexus, myfrontdesk, etc) STOP!

Before going any further, it's crucial that your read the following guide: Setting up myallocator to connect with your Property Management System (PMS)

If you don't have a PMS but would like to have one, please check our Partners page to see which PMS systems we work with.

How do I connect or setup my OTA channels?

The actual process is fairly simple and can be found here:  Step 4: Connect Your Channels and map your rooms

If you want to find out how to setup with each specific channel (, Expedia, Hostelworld, etc) look here:  How to connect (setup) your channels with myallocator

How do I manage different currencies on different channels?

Myallocator allows you to specify the currencies you want for your various channels.  If most of your channels use one currency, you can set a default currency, and apply that currency to the appropriate channels.

You can also specify which currency to use for each unique channel you support.  

Click here for full details: How do I manage different Currencies?

Can myallocator send an email to my guests when a booking is made?

Myallocator can only send booking confirmation emails to guests when they are booked through the BookNow application.

When a guest books through another channel, myallocator is not allowed/able to send emails directly to those guests.

Note: If you have a PMS, it may be able to send additional emails on your behalf.

How do I manage Rate Plans / Packages / Promotions / Extra Occupancy Pricing?

Setting different rates for one room is what we refer to as "rate-plans". Not all channels support Rate Plans (like Hostelworld, and most other hostel-based channels).  Other channels do support Rate Plans (like Agoda, , Expedia and other hotel-based channels).

Myallocator sets the "base" or "default" rate of the room in question.  From there, when your channel account is setup properly, you can have various rates that are derived from that base rate that we set.  

For full instructions on setting up Rate Plans - please see this article:  Rate Plan Support - How do I manage multiple rate plans or occupancy based pricing on channels?

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