Step 3: Set Rates & Availability


This guide shows how to update the inventory for your property by setting Rates & Availability.

We highly recommend having this step completed before connecting to channels. Rates and availability will sometimes both be updated to "0" on your channel if you have not set rates and availability in myallocator yet.

If you are connected to a PMS (Property Management System) which is different from Cloudbeds PMS, contact their Support Team directly to determine how rates should be managed for your property.


How does more availability help me get more bookings?

Loading plenty of availability (both long-term and last-minute) means you are more visible to more bookers and thus more likely to get bookings. For some OTAs, like, the availability you load lets us market your property on channels like Google, not to mention our thousands of affiliate partner websites (from airlines to comparison websites) so we can make sure you are seen by an even wider, more global audience.

Travelers like to plan ahead, so you will appear in more search results for if you load availability further out into the future. We recommend at least 1 year to 16 months of future inventory, and to keep this updated continuously.

Most channels accept inventory only up to two years in the future.

Example: If today is June 1st, 2021, most of the channels would only allow you to sell your accommodations through June 1st, 2023, even if you added the availability for 3 years ahead.

Set Availability

If you have future bookings from OTAs, read the following article on how to account for those bookings (reduce the availability for them): How to account for future bookings placed prior to connecting with myallocator.

  1. Access Availability
  2. Click on Set Long Term
  3. Select the Room that you would like to set long-term interval
  4. Choose the Start and End date to change availability for
  5. Choose the days of the week you want affected
  6. Select Availability in the drop-down menu, and enter your availability

When setting Availability, you should enter the number of rooms/beds available, and not the number of rooms/beds booked.

  1. Click Set
Set your Rates
  1. Click on the left drop down tab and select Rate
  2. Select the start and end date to change rates for
  3. Choose the days of the week you want affected
  4. Enter your rates
  5. Click Set

You can set rates for specific days of the week, such as weekdays and weekends.

Set other values (Optional)
  1. Choose the drop-down arrow to set other values, such as:
    • Single Use Rates
    • Minimum Stay
    • Maximum Stay
    • Closed
    • Closed for Arrival
    • Closed for Departure
  2. Enter the corresponding value
  3. Click on Set
  4. You can continue updating values, and once you have set all the ones you need for this room, click Close to go back to the calendar
Review your new settings

You can take a final look at your calendar to make sure that the changes have been successfully applied:

Complete the same process for your other rooms

Continue updating the rates and availability for the rest of your rooms by selecting them in the Room drop-down menu:

Save your settings
  1. Once the changes have been applied and you are back to the Calendar, click Save
  2. Select Save to myallocator and all channels
  3. Click Send

Once you've set up the channels, you will need to return to this screen and select Save and Full-refresh to send your rates and availability to your channel

Frequently Asked Questions

On the availability table, why some numbers are gray and some others are black?
  • Gray: Represents the default value
  • Black: Represents a manually entered value
Is it possible to customize the Availability Calendar on myallocator?

Yes, you can select which display options you would like to see in your Availability Calendar view. Click here for more details: How to manage the Availability Display Options on myallocator.

Have more questions? Contact Support